Radon in North Georgia

The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.


The radon statistics in the Atlanta metropolitan area are sobering.  Consider this:

  • The U.S. EPA estimates show that approximately 1 in 5 homes have radon in their homes that equate to smoking 1/2 pack of cigarettes per day or 200 x-rays per year.
  • Using U.S. 2019 census data, this indicates that over 173,000 single family owner-occupied homes have high radon.
  • With an average of 2.8 people per household, 494,000 people are unknowingly smoking at least 1/2 pack of cigarettes per day.
  • Almost 1 out of 4 Gwinnett county residents have high radon in their homes.

Radon is preventable if people are aware and test.  We need to help spread the word.

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